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The 4Portals Concept

It's all about Integration

By means of functional and related site partnerships, 4Portals provides an integrated trader management, vetting, security clearance and access control solution for gated estates in South Africa.

We supply gated estate management and neighbourhood watch groups comprehensive control and reporting options to assist in maintaining an up-to-date and authorised database of contractors working in and accessing estates & suburban areas.

Our Services

Traders & Contractors

Estates manage their own lists of contractors that work in their estates.


Offering a full range of insurance packages that cover businesses and employees.

Smart Homes

A wide range of options to automate and control your home from smart devices.

Estate Access Facilitation

Traders and their employees can be authorised once to work in multiple estates. Pre-clearance of employees speeds up the access process when arriving at the gates.

Build Cams & Project Control

Homeowners can watch their homes being built and engage with architects, builders and project managers via online meetings, sharing video clips and documentation.

Youth Kickstart Initiative

Using a similar business model to 4Traders, youths can sign up, advertise their skills and find employment or be sponsored in both the formal and informal business sectors.

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